Marketing Support

We pledge to help you promote your tour to group members and the community.  We understand the commitment and effort it takes to assemble a group of travellers and to gain the support of the local community.  Detailed below are some of the ways Music Contact International will assist you in encouraging your group members to travel and in garnering the support of the community at large.


Informational Presentations


Allow us to personally present your tour. We will travel to your community to speak with your group and prospective travelers in detail about the tour and destination.   We will provide attendees with informative hand-outs, visuals and maps.  We will explain the registration process, how flights work, review deadlines and more.  

Informational meetings provide a forum for prospective travelers to ask detailed questions and to become familiar with the tour program and our company.  Participants come away confident, informed and excited about their trip.


Support Material


 Brochures, DVDs, posters, and other visual materials about the countries where you will be traveling can be very helpful in building enthusiasm among group members. A gorgeous poster of your destination in the rehearsal room will help to build enthusiasm about the tour.

We will supply you with materials specific to your tour destination. In addition, we will provide multiple copies of the tour itinerary, to generate interest and help promote the tour.