The Traveler’s Resource website is your group’s online resource for preparing for your tour. The site is customized exclusively for your group, and is full of exciting and interactive features that you will find informative and helpful before, during, and after the tour.

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Here are some of the benefits and features that your group will enjoy with the Traveler’s Resource site:

- Current tour itinerary with full descriptions of each day
- Detailed maps of the places you will visit
- Blog platform to communicate with group members during the planning process, and to share experiences while on tour with friends and family back home
- Simple-to-use Photo Gallery to share pictures while traveling and after you’ve returned home
- Recommended books, movies, websites, and videos about the destinations you will visit
- Online tour payment system allowing for easy credit card payments (optional)

The Traveler’s Resource website make the months leading up to your group’s departure almost as fun as the trip itself!