music contact international orientation trips
music contact international orientation trips
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Complimentary Orientation Trips for Directors

Movies have previews, vineyards have tastings, and car dealerships have test drives, so why not travel ahead of time on a Complimentary Orientation Trip to preview the hotels, venues, and other locations your choir will visit on tour? 

Since 1987, Music Contact International has been offering Complimentary Orientation Trips for many of our international choral festivals. We now offer them for many of our concert tour destinations as well.

These Orientation Trips allow directors to visit their choir’s destination city about six months in advance of traveling, see firsthand the hotels where their singers will stay, and visit the venues where they will perform. Additionally, festival Orientation Trips offer you the opportunity to meet other directors who will be bringing their choirs to the festival later in the year. Led by an experienced member of our staff, these Orientation Trips enable you, as a director, to be as prepared as possible for your upcoming adventure with your choir.

The Complimentary Orientation Trip, an original Music Contact International concept, leaves directors feeling confident about what their choir will experience and alleviates the uncertainty of performing abroad. The Orientation Trip is also an opportunity to forge new friendships with peers from around the world and get to know the Music Contact International tour manager with whom you’ll work on your tour, all while visiting some of Europe’s most stunning cities at no charge!

We offer these preview trips in Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic, Ireland, and more. Inquire further about our many festivals and concerts tours that include a Complimentary Orientation Trip.

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