music contact international unparalleled service
music contact international unparalleled service
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Price Guarantee

No Surprises

You can rest assured that the price of your tour will not change once it is under deposit, regardless of fluctuations in currency. Your comprehensive tour package price has no hidden costs. Your tour will include exactly what you have requested. We are committed to working with you to meet your group’s budgetary requirements.

Custom Made

Each tour is custom-designed to match the performing group’s interests, budget, dates, and venues preferences. We spend time with you, listening carefully to your expectations so that we can create the performance tour of your dreams. From venue selection, host choirs, length of the trip, meals, guides and hotel styles, the tours we create are based on your preferences. At Music Contact International, our team of experts works with you each step of the way to create the perfect tour, reflecting the wishes of your group.

“I’m writing to tell you about the wonderful experience I have had working with your company.  I’ve wanted to initiate a travel component in our music program for some time, and they made my first attempt very pleasant…they dove right in, helping me flesh out my tour idea. Since then, they have expertly handled the design and planning of our trip. I will enthusiastically recommend Music Contact International to any music group wishing to travel. I truly could not be more thrilled with the attention to detail, the quick replies, and the great efforts made to customize every minute of our trip, accommodating our fairly extensive wish list…Meanwhile, thank you for hiring such great people and for creating a company that makes this so easy and fun for people like me.”

-David Southerland | Gill St. Bernard’s School

Tour Manager

A full-time Music Contact International staff member accompanies the majority of our trips. In most cases your tour manager has also coordinated your tour. This sets us us apart from all other performance tour operators.

Our tour managers are experienced travelers who know the regions your group will visit intimately. They are experts anticipating in the needs of musicians, from venue expectations to appropriate rehearsal time and space. They are experienced in caring for the needs and interests of a large diverse group of travelers away from home.

Music Contact International prides itself on the seamless execution of your tour, from the initial vision, during the months of planning, and all the way through to your daily experiences while traveling. Our tour managers greet your group at the airport, stay in the same hotels, and see your group off when it is time to return home. For you, this means peace of mind during the planning process and while on tour.

“Just a short note to let everyone at Music Contact International know that you have a gem in Jessica, our tour coordinator and tour manager. She was WONDERFUL to work with. Our trip was just perfect. She was so helpful, friendly, always cheerful, prompt and so encouraging to the girls. From the start of the planning process to when we left her at the Prague airport, I couldn’t have asked for a better planner, guide, and friend. Thanks for all that all of you at MCI do to make memories for so many.”

-Carolyn S. Polson | The Covenant School

International Exchange through Festivals

We are the chosen representative for more than 15 festivals and competitions around the world. From the Music Association of Northern Italy to the National Commission on Culture of Ghana, inviting organizations trust Music Contact International to be their voice to choirs, bands and orchestras. Through these unique relationships, we can offer you the most outstanding festivals in the world.

Bringing together ensembles from around the world to perform is the primary focus of our festivals. We emphasize cultural exchanges through music. Groups share their music with each other and perform together for generous international audiences. These are not simply gatherings of North American groups in foreign cities. They are immersions and appreciative exchanges with people from around the globe. Traveling with Music Contact International means that you will meet local people, gain an understanding of their culture, and connect through your shared love of music.

“Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.”

-Maya Angelou

Worldwide Partnerships

Music Contact International has partner offices throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. These unique partnerships allow us to plan tours with local insight. Our partners work with us to foster genuine cultural exchange through music and friendship. Your tour experience is enriched in every way through our local connections.

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