Welcome to Beijing

Explore China’s rich and diverse culture on a concert tour of Beijing.  China is considered one of four ancient civilizations, with unique customs and traditions that can be traced back many centuries. As a result of China’s history and unique culture, China continues to assert a profound and invaluable influence on the rest of the world. Elegant and inspiring, rare and enchanting, dynamic and progressive, the culture of China has attracted and affected all who come to visit. Undeniably, China’s innate ability to infuse tradition with modernity sets it apart from other cultures. Chinese art, dance, architecture, cuisine and, of course, music beautifully celebrates this country’s integration of past and present.

China’s musical offerings are vast. As one of the most vital characteristics of its culture, the music of China is truly unique. The first written reference to Chinese music dates back to 479 BC, the time when Confucius was alive. Chinese music originated for religious and political purposes. Music is now integrated throughout all aspects of Chinese society, including opera and theater. Today, artists well-versed in the musical heritage of the past and present stand at the forefront of 21st-century composition and performance of Chinese music.

Enjoy a concert tour of Beijing! Bring your ensemble to experience all that China has to offer while sharing your music with the local people.


DAY 1 | Depart

Depart North America for Beijing, China.

DAY 2 | Welcome to China

Welcome to China, the world’s most populous country!

Your Music Contact International Tour Manager and Chinese guide will greet you at Beijing Airport. Enjoy an introduction to Beijing, China’s thrilling capital city, on your way from the airport in your private motor coach.

Check in to the hotel and enjoy some time to relax and refresh. Rehearsal can be arranged.

This evening, your group will be treated to a welcome dinner of local specialties as your tour manager previews the days ahead.

DAY 3 | Temple of Heaven

Begin your first full day in Beijing with a visit to the Temple of Heaven, the largest temple and altar complex in China where emperors went to worship and pray for better harvest. Your ensemble may be asked to present a song at the imperial shrine.

Afterwards, experience a traditional lunch of shared dishes and tea ceremony. The art of drinking and serving tea inspires poetry, song and friendship in China and holds a special place in the hearts and minds of the people.

Later, participate in a friendship concert with a local ensemble with opportunity to mingle and exchange. Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant before returning to the hotel.

DAY 4 | Tiananmen Square and the Palace Museum

This morning, tour Tiananmen Square and the Palace Museum, formerly known as the Forbidden City. This 15th century complex remains the largest collection of preserved wooden structures in the world.

Have lunch with your group, followed by time for a Chinese shopping experience. This afternoon, perform a concert at a popular venue such as the Peking University Hall, National Library Hall or National Grand Theatre, commonly known as “The Giant Egg.”

Dinner will be arranged to complement your performance schedule.

DAY 5 | Community Concert

Start the day with a community concert. You may sing as part of a worship service or outreach activity.

Following, enjoy a group lunch and visit to local artisan workshops. Meet painters, calligraphers, silk makers and more who enhance Chinese heritage with their art.

This evening, attend a Peking opera and learn about this unique combination of music, vocal performance, dance, acrobatics and miming. Dinner will be arranged after the show.

DAY 6 | The Great Wall of China

Today, embark on a fascinating excursion to the Great Wall of China, one of the greatest wonders of the world. Walk on the wall, take photos and sing!

Have lunch nearby before returning to Beijing by way of the Olympic Park for a look at the Bird’s Nest Stadium and Water Cube.

Tonight, a traditional dinner of Peking duck, the national dish of China, will be served, as is customary on special occasions.

DAY 7 | Departure

Return home with wonderful memories of your concert tour.

Concert Tour Highlights


Our friendship concerts are a featured experience on our tours and are at the heart of our mission to foster cultural connections through music. We benefit from a vast international network in the choral world built over our thirty years' experience of helping choirs share their music both in the United States and abroad. Your choir will share a venue and a concert program with a host choir from the region. Your singers will have the chance to hear their host choir's repertoire (often showcasing local musical styles) and to share your own repertoire in turn. Fellowship time usually follows the friendship concert, giving both choirs the chance to mingle and enjoy the camaraderie of creating cross-cultural connections through a shared love of music.


As the capital of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing is a political, educational, and cultural center, as well as one of the four great ancient Chinese capitals. Home to over 18 million people, it is renowned for its luxurious palaces, temples, gardens and gates. Artistic treasures, prestigious universities, historic complexes and shrines provide a fascinating array of venue possibilities and offer a unique opportunity to sing for large public audiences and in more intimate settings where love for the arts transcends international boundaries.


Constructed in the early 15th century, the Temple of Heaven was built for imperial ceremonies and as a place for the emperors to pray for abundance. Today, the Temple remains a great spiritual and gathering center. To present a choral offering at this magnificent shrine is a great honor.

Tiananmen Square, which literally means "Gate of Heavenly Peace," is the largest city square in the world. To the north of the square, sits the Palace Museum, the largest palace complex in the world. For many centuries, it was forbidden to enter the palace without special permission of the emperor. Hence its common name, "The Forbidden City." Touring choirs may sing in the enormous square, to the delight of the onlookers.


One of the great wonders of the world, the Great Wall of China stretches for 4,000 miles of actual wall, over 200 miles of trenches and over 1,300 miles of natural defensive barriers. The wall was constructed over the years as a military fortification against raids by tribes on the northern border. Renovations and reconstructions have taken place in modern times in an effort to preserve this architectural feat of humankind. Millions of people visit The Great Wall of China each year to walk on the incredible structure. It is appropriate to sing a commemorative piece while visiting.


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