music contact international Concert Venues
music contact international Concert Venues
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Concert Venues

The Heart of Your Trip

We understand the hard work and commitment you put into preparing your choir for a performance tour. Therefore, we know you’ll want the right concert venues for your group’s tour. A small church choir might want historic, beautiful church venues where their voices will carry well and where they may have access to an organ. Your youth choir might prefer to have a concert where your students can also hear a local youth choir perform. A community a capella choir might want to plan a series of performances in cathedrals.
Music Contact International offers you a varied choice of venue options including venues of historic significance and glorious acoustics like St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and Vienna’s City Hall, where Strauss first presented his waltz to the world; Melk Abbey and Salzburg Cathedral. We also offer venues in small-town churches where we know the entire community will turn out for your concert. We work with hundreds of schools around the world who love to host North American school choirs to sing for their students, and we maintain strong connections with a network of countless community and church choirs abroad who look forward to hosting Friendship Concerts.

Other enriching experiences include performance hall concerts alongside a local community choir, and singing for peers at a university. We make your concerts the highlight of your tour. With years of experience bringing ensembles to these venues, our relationships with choir organizations and local governments lead to special attention for your group and warm receptions.

Concert Publicity

You Need an Audience Once You Get There

We take pride in our ability to successfully publicize concerts. In order to ensure you have an audience, we:

  • Work closely with local musicians and music organizations to spread the word about a visiting choir performance
  • Promote community involvement by pairing ensembles with local musicians for Friendship Concerts
  • Advertise with full color posters which are hung throughout the region where you’ll perform
  • Work with our partner offices to place advertisements in local papers, list concerts in the calendar of events and have the concert publicized by radio

After all of your hard work getting your choir to their destination, we will make sure that your concert opportunities are a resounding success.

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