The Cuesta Concord Chorus returns from a Tour of the UK & Normandy!

“Everyone at MCI went out of their way to help with this special tour.”

“I liked that I could actually enjoy the tour because everything was so well organized and taken care of. MCI made it so that I could really experience the specialness of the tour itself.”

“You all go out of your way to tailor each tour to the group. I feel like I am really listened to and respected. The accommodations and meals are of high quality, and that matters a lot when you are overseas and everything around you is different. Food is comforting and clean comfortable hotels are also a respite. The tour guides are all very knowledgeable and friendly. The experience from the first phone call to the final email is simultaneously professional and personal.”

-Cassandra Tarantino

Cuesta Concord Chorus, Director


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