music contact international Invitational Festivals
music contact international Invitational Festivals
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Officially Sponsored Invitational Festivals

Imagine hundreds of choristers and instrumentalists gathering in a small Tuscan vineyard town to spend four days sharing music together, or coming together in Vienna during the Advent season to perform amidst holiday celebrations for the local community. This is what our festivals offer – an opportunity to visit one city and perform for and with musicians from all over the world.

Music Contact International represents many municipal and cultural organizations in Europe, America, the Caribbean and Africa, that sponsor invitational music festivals and competitions. These exclusive festivals are offered by invitation only, and Music Contact International can assist your ensemble in obtaining an invitation.

Select the type of festival that best suits your group. Adjudicated Festivals, such as the Days of International Choir Music Festival in Verona, are an opportunity for your choir to perform before a panel of esteemed judges. We also represent festivals geared toward youth performers, like the Young Prague Festival. Many of our festivals, including the Cantus Salisburgensis Festival in Salzburg, offer participating choirs an occasion to join voices in a massed sing performance led by a prominent choral director.

Each festival offers the the highest quality venues, exchanges with foreign choirs, exciting Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and four-star hotels and services. Many of the festivals we represent also offer Complimentary Orientation programs for choir directors.

Enjoy browsing our festivals here, but be sure to call us to learn more about the unique elements that they offer your group.

Contact us to discuss options for your unique group!

Explore Festivals

Music Contact International provides access to a plethora of music festivals.
These festivals feature European music tours, band tours, orchestra tours, and more.

California Coast

August 14-18, 2024   /  August 14-18, 2025

Voices Unite! California Coastal Choral Festival

In association with the Cuesta Concord Chorus, Music Contact International is proud to present this exciting new festival. Created in loving memory of Ann Coppenbarger, a dear friend of the Coastal California choir community and member emeritus of the host chorus, the Cuesta Concord Chorus, the festival is made possible through her generous endowment to the arts. … more

International Vienna Advent Sing

November - December 2024   /  November - December 2025

Vienna Advent Sing

Join Vienna's international choir festival and perform a concert in Vienna’s prestigious City Hall, where Strauss first presented the waltz. Travel to the gilded Abbey of Melk… more


June 7-11, 2024   /  June 5-9, 2025

Limerick Sings Choral Festival

Join choirs from around the globe for a wonderful 4-night music experience. Share your voices around Western Ireland and make new friends!… more

June 13-17, 2024   /  June 12-16, 2025

International Choir Festival in Normandy

Join choirs from around the world to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy and honor the heroic legacies of those who fought during World War I… more

June 19-24, 2024   /  June 19–23, 2025

2024 Fátima Choral Festival – Portugal

We are pleased to present an amazing NEW festival for 2024 - The Fatima Choral Fest in Fatima, Portugal June 20-24, 2024! Choirs will gather together at important pilgrimage sites to perform for one another and share in the truly unique cultural exchange that Portugal has to offer.… more

Tuscany International Choral Festival

June 13-17, 2024   /  June 12-16, 2025

Tuscany International Choral Festival

Each year in June, the International Choral Festival in Tuscany, Italy attracts choirs from all corners of the globe. The festival is set in the picturesque Tuscan spa town of… more

Krakow International Choral Festival

June 13-17, 2024   /  June 12–16, 2025

International Krakow Choir Festival

Choirs from around the world travel to attend the Krakow International Choral Festival to perform adjudicated and non-adjudicated concerts in one of Europe’s most… more

Verona International Choral Competition

April 3-7, 2024   /  March 26-30, 2025

Verona International Choral Festival

Each day of this international choir festival is filled with music and sightseeing. Everyone returns home a winner, with new choral friends from around the world!… more

Dublin International Choral Festival

March 7-11, 2024   /  March 6-10, 2025

Fingal International Festival of Voices

Join us in Ireland for an unforgettable experience at the Fingal International Festival of Voices… more

Discover Puerto Rico Choral Festival

March 15-18, 2024   /  March 21–24, 2025

Discover Puerto Rico Choral Festival

The City of Ponce welcomes your choir to the Discover Puerto Rico Choral Festival. The citizens of Ponce celebrate music in the festival’s main event, where choirs perform… more

Young Prague Festival

March 20-24, 2024   /  March 26–30

Young Prague Festival

Join choirs, bands, and orchestras from around the world at Young Prague, one of the most culturally diverse and enjoyable European festivals for young musicians.… more

FESTIVAL OF PEACE - Rome & Castelli Romani

March 14-18, 2024   /  March 13–17, 2025

Festival of Peace- Rome & Castelli Romani

Sing with local Italian choirs as well as choirs from around the world during four exciting days of choral music and cultural exchange. The Festival of Peace and… more

Paris International Choral Festival

March 14-18, 2024   /  March 13–17, 2025

International Choral Festival Paris

Join choirs from across Europe at the annual Paris International Choral Festival. Spend four days with your choir exploring the highlights of Paris, seeing the Louvre… more

Washington D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival- Choir Concert Festival

March 14-17 | March 21-24 | March 28-31 | April 4-7 | 2024   /  March 20–23 | March 27–30 April 3–7 | April 10–13 | 2025

Washington, D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival

The National Cherry Blossom Choir Festival celebrates friendship on stages situated among the cherry trees with iconic views of the Washington memorials. Travel to D.C.… more

Choir Festival - Italian Alpine Festival

June 12-16, 2024   /  June 11–15, 2025

Alta Pusteria International Choir Festival

The Alta Pusteria International Choir Festival l is open to all types of choirs and offers concerts amidst the enchanting scenery of the Dolomites in South Tyrol, Italy.… more


July 4-7, 2024   /  July 3–6, 2025

International Cantus Music & Culture Festival

Among the highlights of this international choir festival, are the celebration in Salzburg Cathedral and the performance of “Song of Peace,” shared by all festival choirs in… more

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