St. Augustine Children’s Choir on the Festival of Peace in Rome, Italy

“I’ve been meaning to send a personal thanks to you all for the great experience, for me and the kids. Honestly, the first couple of weeks after I got back, I was having withdrawals from not seeing emails from you all. This Italian experience will be unforgettable for the children and their parents (and me)! We couldn’t thank you all enough… 5 Stars to you all from the Children’s Choir.”

“The opportunity to sing at St. Peter’s Basilica was a huge highlight; although it’s really tough to talk about just one. Singing with the Italian choirs (kids and adults) felt great! Day 3 – the Sant’ Eustachio concert was my favorite – from location to the pastor himself.”

“It’s a great experience for any choral group! There was so much to learn from the entire tour, and then add the performance opportunities that came with the package – personally, it’s perfect for what the kids needed.”

–Christine Adiaz

St. Augustine Children’s Choir, Director


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