Voices in Harmony returns from a concert tour of Copenhagen & Norway!

“We had a great tour leader in Norway.  She was clear, friendly, caring & hardworking!!  We all enjoyed her very much.  My singers have loved all the tour guides.  They also have come to trust that whoever comes with us is a ‘good match’.   One reason that I stay with Music Contact International is because of your staff.  They are easy to work with and I feel listened to.  I can ask anything and they respond.  

I appreciate that your staff is willing to accommodate our wants.  I think that my adult choir may be a little unique in that we like the ‘off-the-cuff’ activities, country visits and experiences w/ Friendship Concerts.  I helped coordinate a Friendship Concert in Norway because of my contacts and it was a lot of work!!  I appreciate MCI even more.”

-Camille N. Saucier
Voices In Harmony Choirs, Director


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